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This page describes the container-specific details of the phpMyAdmin container.

phpMyAdmin provides a web interface for interacting with MySQL databases and can be connected to the MySQL container to ensure the backup/restore process proceeds smoothly.

This is run as a stock phpMyAdmin container - run script is here in the docker/d-phpmyadmin repository on

The phpMyAdmin service is a web interface that is available on port 80. The container should only be bound to the Docker container network (default behavior). Then any container on the network can reach the container's phpMyAdmin service on port 80.

This allows the phpMyAdmin service to be made available at a URL like /phpMyAdmin and have all requests reverse-proxied by the nginx container and passed to port 80 on the back end.

The phpMyAdmin service can also be disabled/enabled by commenting it out of the nginx configuration files containing HTTPS rules for the domains.

See the configuration section of the Nginx container page for more information about the nginx configuration files.