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MediaWiki Configuration Details

This describes the container-specific details of the MediaWiki part of the Apache-MediaWiki container.

Also see Apache + PHP.

The Container

This is based on a MediaWiki container image that runs MediaWiki, PHP, and Apache all in one container.

The Apache server is reverse-proxied by nginx in the final pod configuration.

Configuration Files and Folders

To set up the MediaWiki container, we have to copy in the following files:

  • One configuration file LocalSettings.php
  • Two directories:
    • extensions/
    • skins/

Both LocalSettings.php and skins/ are under version control.

The extensions/ directory is assembled from git repositories directly, and so is not under version control.

Where Does Stuff Live?

The LocalSettings.php file and skins/ folder live in the d-mediawiki submodule (see docker/d-mediawiki on, in the charlesreid1-config sub-submodule (see wiki/charlesreid1-config on, in the mediawiki/ directory.

That's also where the extensions/ directory goes. There is also a script in the wiki/charlesreid1-config repo called that clone copies of each MediaWiki extension.

Inside the MediaWiki container, the live HTML directory is at /var/www/html/. That is where LocalSettings.php, skins/, and extensions/ live in the container.

The /var/www/html/ directory is marked as a VOLUME in the Dockerfile and is the mount point for a docker data volume, stormy_mediawiki_data.

See wiki/charlesreid1-config on

Getting Stuff Into The Container

The configuration files mentioned above (LocalSettings, skins, and extensions) must be copied into the container at build time.

This is done in the MediaWiki Dockerfile - see d-mediawiki.

Why don't we bind-mount them into the container? We will have problems mounting files to a directory that is itself a mount point. Since /var/www/html/ is a mount point for the MediaWiki container's data volume, to keep the wiki's files persistent, we can't also bind-mount files at /var/www/html/.

Additionally, we have to change the permissions of LocalSettings.pp to 600 and change the ownership of all files in /var/www/html/ to www-data:www-data, the Apache web server user, so that it can serve up the wiki.

LocalSettings.php is copied into the container at /var/www/html/LocalSettings.php.

skins/ is copied into the container at /var/www/html/skins/ (we use our own customized theme, in the Bootstrap2 directory).

extensions/ is copied into the container at /var/www/html/extensions/ (make sure you run first!).

Enabling MediaWiki Math

Note that we have one last task to complete, and that is enabling the math extensions so that we can add formulas to our wiki.

To do this, we have to add the following aptitude packages to an apt-get install command in the Dockerfile:

RUN apt-get update && \
    apt-get install -y build-essential \
            dvipng \
            ocaml \
            ghostscript \
            imagemagick \
            texlive-latex-base \
            texlive-latex-extra \
            texlive-fonts-recommended \
            texlive-lang-greek \

(Note: ocaml is a language required to make texvc, covered below.)

Next, we need to shim a make command into the container's entrypoint command, before we run the Apache web server.

To enable equations and math, we need to make a utility called texvc by running make in the Math extension directory.

We modify the CMD directive in the Dockerfile, which normally runs apache2-foreground in the stock MediaWiki container.

Change the original CMD from this:

CMD apache2-foreground

to this:

CMD cd /var/www/html/extensions/Math/math && make && apache2-foreground

Updating Skin or LocalSettings.php

Note that if you update the MediaWiki skin or the LocalSettings.php file, you will need to rebuild the container and restart it.

(It's a pain in the ass, but hard to avoid.)

Alternatively, you can use docker cp to copy a new LocalSettings.php or skins directory into the running MediaWiki container. These changes will be reflected immediately in the wiki interface.

(Be careful with this method!!!)

Best of all possible worlds: your LocalSettings.php and skins/ directory is under version control, as in wiki/charlesreid1-config on, and can be updated with a git push or git pull.

(This is not currently how it is structured, as the skin and LocalSettings.php files are not under version control in the container. This would be difficult for the same reason that it is difficult to bind-mount a file directly into /var/www/html - because it is also difficult to have a particular file under version control when there are a large number of other files in that directory.)

A Way Out? A Path Forward? A Glimmer of Hope?

How might we fix this nested, nightarish mess?

A couple of things have to happen:

  • Docker needs to provide better control over user ownership and file permissions for bind-mounted directories. There are some really ugly, hacky shims that are required because the user permissions of everything are buggered from the start.

  • MediaWiki needs to put user configuration files into a configuration folder. For example, nginx looks in a folder /etc/nginx/ for any and all configuration files. This allows bind-mounting a configuration directory to /etc/nginx/ without complication. Unfortunately, MediaWiki mixes site-specific user files with generic, common-across-all-MediaWikis php files, making it difficult to version-control site-specific user files.


There are utilities for MediaWiki in utils-mw: