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Krash Seed

By competely containerizing, all of the static files for running programs come from docker container images, and all configuration files come from git repositories under version control at

That just leaves the core data for each service, which is what the backup and restore scripts handle. This service data consists of the following:

  • MediaWiki MySQL database dump (.sql)
  • MediaWiki images directory (.tar.gz)
  • Gitea repository dump (.zip)
  • Gitea avatar images (.zip)

These four files form a "krash seed" for

MySQL Backup/Restore Scripts

To create a MySQL backup, use the utils-mysql/ script. script:
Dump a database to an .sql file 
from the stormy_mysql container.

       ./ <sql-dump-file>


       ./ /path/to/wikidb_dump.sql

MediaWiki Backup/Restore Scripts script:
Create a tar file containing wiki files
from the stormy_mw container

       ./ <tar-file>


       ./ /path/to/wikifiles.tar.gz

Gitea Backup/Restore Scripts


Utilities are kept in the utils-* folders.

MySQL Utilities

MediaWiki Utilities

MySQL Utilities