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This repo contains a docker compose file for running the site.

The services are:


See for info about running this docker pod:

  • Running the Docker Pod from Comand Line
  • Running the Docker Pod as a Startup Service
  • Workflow for Charlesreid1 Docker Pod Updates
  • Restoring the Docker Pod from Backups


See for info about data and volumes used by this docker pod:

  • Persistent Data Volumes
  • nginx
    • nginx + lets encrypt ssl certificates
    • nginx static content
    • nginx bind-mounted files
  • mysql
  • mediawiki
    • mediawiki data volume
    • mediawiki bind-mounted files
  • gitea
    • gitea data volume
    • gitea bind-mounted files
  • python file server (pyfiles)
    • pyfiles directory


There are a number of directories containing utility scripts - these are mostly dedicated to creating backups of any non-version-controlled data inside the container.

See for coverage of backup and utility scripts.

utils-backups - backup utilities (use the scripts below; good for cron jobs)

utils-mw - mediawiki backup utilities

utils-mysql mysql backup utilities

Domains and Ports

See for info about top-level domain names and ports used by this docker pod.

The domains ports document covers:

  • Domains
    • nginx domain handling
  • Ports
    • nginx ports
    • mediawiki/apache ports
    • phpmyadmin ports
    • mysql ports
    • gitea ports
    • python file server ports


See for more info about getting secrets like passwords and sensitive files into various containers in the pod, without leaking out the information.

  • mysql database root password
  • mediawiki mysql database root password
  • gitea secret key and session id
  • nginx ssl certificates

Container-Specific Configuration Details

Each container has a different way of getting configuration files into the container. In the following documents we cover the specifics of each container.


From your project directory, start up your application by running:

$ docker-compose up

If you want to rebuild the images (if you changed the Dockerfile), use the --build flag:

$ docker-compose up --build

docker compose documentation: