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Apache + PHP

This describes the container-specific details of the Apache part of the Apache-MediaWiki container.

Also see MediaWiki.

Configuration Files and Folders

We have two Apache configuration files to set up Apache:

  • ports.conf sets the port Apache listens on
  • wiki.conf sets the <VirtualHost> block for the wiki

Where Does Stuff Live?

The ports.conf and wiki.conf configuration files live in the d-mediawiki submodule (see docker/d-mediawiki on, in the charlesreid1-config sub-submodule (see wiki/charlesreid1-config on, in the apache/ directory.

See wiki/charlesreid1-config on

Getting Stuff Into The Container

Unlike MediaWiki, Apache has a sane way of separating the static program files from the instance-specific configuration files.

We bind-mount the directory containing Apache *.conf files into the container at /etc/nginx/conf.d via the following line in the pod-charlesreid1 docker-compose file:

      - "./d-nginx-charlesreid1/conf.d:/etc/nginx/conf.d:ro"

That's it!