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MySQL Configuration Details

This is the most important part of the MediaWiki portion of the charlesreid1 pod. MediaWiki stores all of the content of the MediaWiki server, so the MediaWiki and MySQL containers must communicate with one another.

The Container

The MySQL container is straightforward, nothing fancy.

Configuration Files and Folders

We don't have an extensive MySQL configuration. The container demostrates how to mount a configuration file into the container, but this is optional.

See this line of the run script in the docker/d-mysql repository.

Getting Stuff Into The Container (How To Seed MySQL?)

This section refers to scripts contained in the utils-mysql/ directory.

The MySQL data must come from a seed (what we call a krash seed). This seed consists of a prior backup of the MediaWiki MySQL database, from which the database can be restored.

There are both backup and restore scripts in the repo under utils-mysql/.

The script will run the mysqldump tool to back up all the databases in the container into a file in .sql format.

These .sql files can be used to restore a MySQL database using the script.


There are utilities for MySQL in utils-mysql: