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Mind Machine Framework

The mind machine framework is designed to be a simple, extensible framework for developing bots.

How is it simple?

The mind machine concept is simple because there are only three components:

  • Keymaker
  • Sheep
  • Shepherd

These are the three types of objects that you deal with in any given mind machine (and you should not have to deal with the Keymaker much).

How is it extensible?

The concept of "extensible" refers specifically to the use of inheritance and extended classes.

We want to keep things as simple as possible, but also build functionality up into complicated bots. Using base classes and extending one bit at a time helps us accomplish that.

How is it POOP-y?

The mind machine libraries are a great illustration of Python Object-Oriented Programming (POOP) in action. These are very POOP-y libraries, in that they use classes to combine minimal functionality into classes.

We will point out the many examples of POOP-y behavior when we see them in a particular mind machine example.