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Github Guide

Github App

Common components:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Where to find them


What this page covers:

  • How to create/set up your app
  • What information you need from your app to run the keymaker

Create Github App

Create a Github application. There is only one thing you are required to set, which is the callback URL.

Set the callback URL to http://localhost:8000 (no HTTPS!).

Once you create your app, you should see a Client ID and a Client Secret near the top of the page. These two pieces of information are the API keys that the Keymaker needs to start the OAuth process.

Get Client ID and Client Secret

Get your application's Client ID and Client Secret. The eaiest way to set these for embarcadero mind machine is to use environment variables. You can set the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET variables to their respective values when you run embarcadero mind machine scripts:


The Keymaker can be configured to obtain the client API keys from these environment variables.