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The sheep defined by embarcadero mind machine have a lot of flexibility, primarily because of how many endpoints the Github API has.

Our first bot example was a blame bot: two bots going back and forth blaming each other for an issue by re-assigning the issue to the other bot.

Other bot flock ideas:

  • bot making commits in repos
  • license bot that looks for license files

be mroe generic about actions and what bots are doing

  • not just "license bot to check for a license"
  • that is the central action, which the bot defines how to do
  • but we want to go deeper - a given bot type can do a given action type
  • we want each bot to have a different "take" on the action, a different way of doing it

embarcadero mind machine Sheep have basic functionality described by the Github API.


  • ping pong pair - simple ping pong on an issue (no, it's your problem. :reassign:)

  • favestar bots

    • to_fave = []; faved = [];