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Github Keymaker

embarcadero mind machine defines a Keymaker object for authenticating with the Github API via OAuth.

A Quick One-Bot Example

Here is a quick demo to authenticate a bot account and create a JSON key:


import embarcaderomindmachine as emm
gk = emm.GithubKeymaker()

The Github Keymaker object is what walks you through the OAuth2 process.

The gk.set_apikeys_env() method gets the application's consumer ID and consumer secret from environment variables (CONSUMER_ID and CONSUMER_SECRET, respectively). The Keymaker also has methods to set the API keys from a JSON file or from a dictionary.

Last, we run the make_a_key() method to actually generate the key. Note that this is not the normal workflow, we usually pass a list of items to the Keymaker and ask it to generate one key (i.e., authenticate one bot account) per item.

In this case, we force the Keymaker to create a single key named "dummy" that will be stored in /tmp/keys/dummy.json.

A Two-Bot Example