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About boring mind machine

boring mind machine (bmm) is part of the mind machine suite of software, run by the rainbow-mind-machine organization on Github.

Like all mind machines, boring mind machine is simple and extensible.

How is boring mind machine simple?

The mind machine framework revolves around providing a few simple components for building bot flocks:

But it gets even simpler than that: boring-mind-machine provides a GithubKeymaker class, so that embarcadero mind machine can focus exclusively on Shepherd and Sheep classes.

That's pretty simple!

What does boring mind machine extend or do?

The main job of boring mind machine is to take care of the boring stuff. That means two things:

  1. Setting up boring base classes that are designed to be extended by all of the other mind machine libraries; and
  2. Providing working OAuth Keymakers for every third-party service provider that has its own mind machine library. (Github, Google, Twitter, etc.)

Base classes

Because boring mind machine provides base classes, that means it does not extend classes - it provides the base classes that are extended.

That makes boring mind machine unique among the mind machines - every mind machine library imports boring mind machine no matter what, and every Keymaker is defined in boring mind machine.

OAuth Keymakers

The second, most important functionality implemented in bmm are the Keymaker classes. bmm implements a Keymaker for each service that has a corresponding mind machine library.

Collecting each Keymaker together makes the logic more clear. Each third party service implements the same authentication process (OAuth) but everybody does it differently, so there are many tedious, boring details to work out.

Hence, the "boring".

How is boring mind machine POOP-y?

Libraries that implement good practices in POOP (Python Object Oriented Programming) are said to be POOP-y. What makes the boring mind machine library particularly POOP-y is the fact that it provides the solid foundation on which the entire mind machine enterprise is constructed.

It is critical that the boring mind machine library be an exemplar of good practices for software built using the mind machine framework!