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boring mind machine comic

boring mind machine is a set of boring base classes for building awesome bot flocks.

Other mind machine libraries utilize the boring mind machine library's classes as a starting point for implementing bot flocks.

For example, rainbow mind machine utilizes the TwitterKeymaker class defined in this library; embarcadero mind machine utilizes the GithubKeymaker class; and so on.

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tests-passing works on my machine documentation at

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boring mind machine (bmm) links:



About the Mind Machine Framework - general information about the mind machine framework (how does it work? what does it look like?)

About Boring Mind Machine - about the boring mind machine library (what is it? what does it do?)

Installing - installation instructions (how do I install bmm?)

Quick Start - quick start instructions for getting started with boring mind machine base classes (how do I run bmm?)

Documentation for components implemented in boring mind machine:


Developer Notes - notes on processes for developers (how do I run tests, update packages/images, build documentation, etc.?)