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Pandoc: Part 2

Pandoc Filter: JSON-to-JSON Filter

To translate Markdown from English to Russian, we use pandoc to parse the Markdown file and extract the text that needs to be translated.

Specifically, we write a JSON-to-JSON pandoc filter using panflute, a Python library for writing pandoc filters.

Filtering with the Pandoc API (New Way)

(In progress)

Filtering from the Command Line (Old Way)

The syntax is as follows:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s | filters/

The convention for panflute filters is that the JSON document is passed into the panflute filter one component at a time. If the filter does not return anything, the document element will be used as-is in the final document. If a new document element is returned, it is used in place of the old document element.