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Pandoc: JSON to JSON

This page covers the pandoc JSON to JSON step.

To translate Markdown from English to Russian, we use pandoc to parse the Markdown file and extract the text that needs to be translated.

Specifically, we write a JSON-to-JSON pandoc filter using panflute, a Python library for writing pandoc filters.

Filtering with the Pandoc API (New Way)

(In progress)

Filtering from the Command Line (Old Way)

The syntax is as follows:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s | filters/

The convention for panflute filters is that the JSON document is passed into the panflute filter one component at a time. If the filter does not return anything, the document element will be used as-is in the final document. If a new document element is returned, it is used in place of the old document element.