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Pandoc: Part 1

Pandoc Parser: Markdown-to-JSON Parser

Using the Pandoc API (New Way)

(In progress)

From the Command Line (Old Way)

We use pandoc to convert structured Markdown into JSON. This is done using the -f flag to specify the input format and the -t flag to specify the target format:

pandoc -t json -f gfm

Here, we use gfm (Github-flavored markdown).

We can also read documents from stdin using the -s flag:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s 

The resulting JSON is ready to be parsed using a pandoc filter.

Note that if you wish to visualize the structure of the JSON before processing it further, you can pipe it to python -m json.tool, which nicely formats the JSON for printing and visualizing:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s | python -m json.tool