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Pandoc: Markdown to JSON

This page covers the pandoc Markdown to JSON step.

Using the Pandoc API (New Way)

(In progress)

From the Command Line (Old Way)

We use pandoc to convert structured Markdown into JSON. This is done using the -f flag to specify the input format and the -t flag to specify the target format:

pandoc -t json -f gfm

Here, we use gfm (Github-flavored markdown).

We can also read documents from stdin using the -s flag:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s 

The resulting JSON is ready to be parsed using a pandoc filter.

Note that if you wish to visualize the structure of the JSON before processing it further, you can pipe it to python -m json.tool, which nicely formats the JSON for printing and visualizing:

cat | pandoc -t json -f gfm -s | python -m json.tool