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the sheep

The rainbow mind machine sheep. credit

Structure of the Sheep:

  • Constructor:

    • Create lumberjack logger
    • Initialize Twitter API instance
    • Initialize parameters from JSON file (sheep-specific/account-specific parameters)
    • Initialize parameters passed into constructor (overwrites JSON file parameters)
    • These parameters are available as self.params
  • Twitter API initialization method:

    • Initializes Twitter API
    • Uses self.params to set consumer token
    • Uses parameters from JSON file to get oauth token
  • Perform action method(s):

    • Uses dispatcher method
    • If we call perform_action('tweet'), this will look for a method called tweet() and run it.
  • Action methods (general template):

    • User will pass in extra parameters (action-specific parameters)
    • Parameter validation
    • Set API endpoint
    • Use oauth token to create oath Client object
    • use client to make POST request
  • Tweet method:

    • Tweet method has an inner loop and an outer loop
    • In the inner loop the bot populates a queue and tweets each tweet in the queue
    • In the outer loop (infinite loop) the bot continually repeats the inner loop
    • Inner sleep/outer sleep set the time interval between tweets and between runs of the inner loop