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a simple single-color single-page theme for pelican

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What is the scurvy knave?

Being a get-off-my-lawn technology user, I got tired of fussing around setting up the latest hipster javascript library invented by a fixie-riding developer with nerd glasses at their favorite muffin shop.

There ought to be a dead-simple, single-page, single-color theme where the user can expend as little effort as possible (with the bare minimum being, defining a name and a sentence for each of the four sections on the page).

This theme is so simple, you barely even have to write HTML. You just populate a few variables that are shimmed into a nice pretty page.

Also, it's MIT-licensed, so go nuts.


What about colors? Are there pretty pastel colors like my favorite hipster javascript library?

Colors? You want colors? What is this, a flower shop??

This theme has one color. One. You get to pick one color, and you live with it for the rest of the short, four-section page.


::starts crying:: I want my colors!!!

Okay, fine, you can have a custom CSS file to define everything you could possibly ever want. I'll call it... I don't know... custom.css


::sniffles:: Custom javascript too?

Fork yourself.


who is responsible for this abomination?
This theme is authored by @charlesreid1. Find charles on github or on You can also find the scurvy knave pelican theme on github.

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