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The Docker Compose File

The docker-compose.yml file defines how we run all of our bots.

These are a compilation of docker-compose files found in individual bot repos.

To build the containers in the pod:

docker-compose build

To rebuild from scratch without using any cached data:

docker-compose build --no-cache

To bring the entire container pod up:

docker-compose up          # interactive
docker-compose up -d       # detached
docker-compose up --build  # build before running

To stop the docker bot pod, use the stop or down commands.

Stop the container but keep the volumes/networks:;

docker-compose stop

stop the container and remove infrastructure:

docker-compose down

Testing Out Individual Bots

To test out the containers for each individual bot, you can just cd into that bot's directory and run the same commands as above. That will build/start a container that runs only that one bot.