a subdomain for charlesreid1 pages

about is a static site-hosting deployment solution provided by

What is a static site?

A static site is just a pile of static HTML, Javascript, CSS, and other files that can be sent over to the host, and the host can render everything on their end. (Compare with a dynamic site, which uses a language like PHP that requires the server to do the computations.)

What does provide?

This provides a subdomain for hosting static sites associated with the repositories in

It is a private, self-hosted solution that offers much of the same thing as what Github Pages (or simple Heroku projects) offer.

How is it hosted?

This uses nginx, a fast, reliable, and easily-configurable web server. The server with the static content is reverse-proxied by the frontend server, which establishes secure connections and owns all of the SSL certificates.

Who is this for?

Pages can only be created/modified by users of (i.e., me). They can be viewed by anyone (i.e., you).